Dreams {Spin Cycle}

I have dreams. Haunted, vivid dreams; dreams that are hard to shake. Scary movies give me bad dreams. I saw the Blair Witch Project on premier night, before all the parodies, and I couldn’t sleep all night long. My nightmares kept waking me up.

Not long after Ed and I were married, I was sound asleep when Ed had insomnia. He went downstairs to sleep on the couch. I woke up briefly, saw the empty side of the bed, and then I had such a vivid dream of him cheating on me that I woke up in tears and ran downstairs to find him.

The dreams I remember are usually not the happy kind.

But daydreams are different.

When I was younger, I was always daydreaming. I would have the staring-out-the-window blank-look-on-my-face kind of daydreams. I would daydream about the books I was reading. Through the wardrobe I would go, into the land of Narnia with Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. In my daydreams, Scarlett O’Hara would realize that Rhett was way better than Ashley. Or I would daydream about TV shows. Of course I would be A.J.’s girlfriend, the blond-haired blue-eyed cutie pie half of Simon & Simon!

Back then, my daydreams were wonderful. They were necessary; they helped me survive some difficult preteen and teenaged years. I was able to lose myself in those daydreams.

Nowadays, my daydreams are much more mundane.

How can I organize my pantry?

Would I be able to make that cute ear bud detangler thing I saw on Pinterest?

What blog post will I write next?

Β They have to have a practical spin; there’s not much fantasy going on in my mind these days. While I used to lose myself in a daydream plot for days on end, now I’m often brought back to reality rather quickly. There’s always someone to feed, errands to run, teaching to do. I haven’t lost myself in a daydream in a really long time.

Sometimes I wonder if those daydreams are lost to me. If I’m just too old for daydreams anymore. But then I think about my life. I have such happiness that there’s not much need for daydreams any more.

I think about myself with white hair, sitting on the porch at a nursing home. My face is full of wrinkles like a crumpled piece of paper. I tilt my head toward the sun. My eyes are closed as I lose myself in a daydream; a dream of those who have gone before me; of those that I loved and those who loved me. Of the life I have lived.

Those will be daydreams worth having.


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17 Replies to “Dreams {Spin Cycle}”

  1. Oh Ginny, that was beautiful! I feel the same way. Maybe we should both start having those girlhood daydreams again. But who has the time?
    Thanks SO much for joining in! You're all linked up!

  2. So cool! I used to have these amazingly complex and romantic daydreams when I was a kid and teen. I would fantasize about meeting my favorite celebrity (Ralph Macchio) and him sweeping me off my feet.

    Now, I am like you. My daydreams are so much more practical. I understand why that would be, but reading this spin has made me miss my vivid daydreams!

  3. Sometimes I think I sleep better when I can think about a "daydream" life instead of the real one. It's easier to be swept away to sleep by an imaginary prince than stay up worrying about what to make the kids for lunch tomorrow!

  4. I enjoy daydreaming, too. I think that's why I enjoy writing so much. It's an excuse to daydream up a whole new world with new characters and new problems that aren't my own! πŸ™‚

  5. I think I daydream on my commute to work. I typically daydream about the things I need to do at work on the way in, and the things I need to do at home on the way back. I hope that I can have those interesting daydreams again.

    Great Spin!

  6. You're right, my daydreams are often interupted by someone needing a snack or a little tiff over a toy. And they no longer are dreams of the beach, but what new activity can I do with the kids or should we go to the zoo tomorrow… But the reality is that much sweeter and full of hugs.

  7. I still daydream, but I seem to snap out of more quickly now than I did when I was younger. I'm thankful for that actually, but a lot of what I daydream about are things I'm trying to achieve. I imagine the years have already gone by and I have what I want, which is nice. But I still need to figure out how to make those things happens, so it's just as nice when I come back to reality so I can get to work πŸ™‚

  8. I do daydream from time to time. I wish I knew how to stop the night dreams. Usually I'm not fond of them and wish they wouldn't come at all. Nothing specific or bad just wierd things.

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