An 80’s Trend I Can Live With

Ed and I were at the food court at a mall one day, and as a teen walked by, Ed and I looked at each other. We were thinking the same thing. Between the fwoopy hairstyle, Members Only jacket, skinny jeans and high tops, this kid looked like he walked straight out of a Molly Ringwald movie.

I have an old denim jacket hanging in the closet, and each time I wonder if I should wear it again, I wish I had bought just a plain, classic denim jacket, not the baggy, acid-washed jacket I did buy back in the 80’s. I can do without the styles that are coming back. I used to look good in skinny jeans, but no more. If you ask me, the high-teased Aqua Net bangs just shouldn’t come back. (I haven’t seen any yet!) As for parachute pants…well, I never understood those.

But just look at these cute little leg warmers I bought for Emmy! They keep her legs nice and warm on a cold winter’s day, especially on our way to ballet class.

Adorable, right?

Just don’t ask me to tear out the collar of all my sweatshirts, Flashdance-style!

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13 Replies to “An 80’s Trend I Can Live With”

  1. Cute! Yes, ma'am, leg warmers are making a come back. But I think I'll leave that up to this generation and the kiddos. Don't think I'll be breaking them our or wearing a baggy tee shirt hanging off one shoulder any time soon :).

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