In This Family

In our family,

We love to learn

About volcanoes and earthquakes;

New words and new ideas;

Or simply how to say “I’m sorry.”

We love to sing

Taylor Swift and Def Leppard;

Our own crazy made-up songs;

And Jesus Loves Me.

We love to play

In the house and in the snow;

Candyland and Clue;

Pretending games like

Baby bears and monsters.

In this family, we love to love each other.




Written for Writing Me: a community writing project at Bigger Picture Blogs.


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7 Replies to “In This Family”

  1. Oh, it turned out well! I love how each stanza moves from day to day experiences to a culminating core value. If I had written mine when my kids were younger it would have had to mention something about learning about dinosaurs.

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