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Birthdays. As I get older, I have mixed feelings about my birthday. Fortunately, Lily and Emmy’s attitude about birthdays is contagious. How can I not love my birthday when my six year old and three year old get so excited about Mommy’s birthday? And little did I know how exciting this birthday, my 42nd, was going to be.

Yesterday was the start of THE Chicago Blizzard. Its official start was around 3:00 p.m., and we still had to pick up Lily from school.

Emmy after we walked home from school yesterday.
We were covered in snow!

Ed came home early from work, and shoveled the driveway.

 Ed has two little helpers — at first.
This is the first year that Lily was going to be in school all day for my birthday. I told Ed last week that I wished she could stay home from with me on my birthday. Little did I know that my wish would come true — today is a snow day.
This birthday is a doozy, and it’s barely begun.

 Emmy came inside about two minutes after I took this picture.
Lily was close behind! It was just the beginning of the storm.

Last night, the wind howled around us, gusting up to 60 miles an hour. At one scary point, our electricity went out. Just as Ed and I found flashlights, it came back on again. As we looked out our bay window, we saw a huge lightening flash and heard a roll of thunder. Thundersnow! All night long, we heard the wind howling, and I would wake up, glancing at my clock to make sure we still had electricity. I am counting my blessings this morning. We are all safe and sound at home; there are many people who spent last night in their cars on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. They have all been safely evacuated, but what a way to spend the night!
Ed and I went outside this morning, and as you can see, it’s still snowing! That’s me, in front of our house. Here’s what our neighbor’s house looks like:
More pictures to come!

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16 Replies to “Birthday Post”

  1. Happy, happy birthday! What a special way to remember it. You'll forever talk about the blizzard of 2011. Stay safe in all that snow and enjoy your little girls.

  2. Happy Birthday! What a day to remember! I'm just glad my school decided to close today, too. (They very rarely close.)I've also emailed your neighbor so she knows to check out the picture of her house. :)I have not been brave enough to venture outside yet. Within the past half hour, they just shoveled the narrowest walkway outside my condo building. I dread seeing what my car looks like.

  3. They were talking about Chicago getting hit with this storm on the radio; 25"! Now that is a lot of snow! What a birthday gift from Mother nature! But hey, if you get to spend the day with your daughters it can turn into a pretty great storm!Thanks so much for dropping by my blog this morning and leaving such a sweet comment. Stay warm and safe and Happy Birthday!

  4. First Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Wow..we are having snow here, which is unusual, and the temps are horrible, they are doing black outs to help the grid…take care, enjoy your time off and celebrating…great pictures!!!

  5. Wishing you wonderful, wonderful birthday! How fun that your birthday wish was granted. Enjoy all that snow as you celebrate YOU! Much love,Stacy

  6. You got a Winter Wonderland for your birthday! Happy Birthday! Laugh alot, Love even more, and Enjoy all that life has to offer!

  7. Happy Birthday! Hey, I'm in the 42 club too! I heard that ya'll got the brunt of the snow coming this way…we received 18 inches, with lots of blowing. I hope you enjoyed your blizzard birthday! At least it was a memorable one πŸ™‚

  8. That snow is CRAZY! We've been in shorts all week, it's nuts to see it so cold elsewhere.Happy belated birthday! The girls are adorable and getting so big!

  9. Thundersnow? I have never heard of this! You see, sister, if you ask God with a pure heart, He will give you your desires – like spending your bday with Lily. Awwww…..

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