Grandma’s Little Doll Bed

As I was looking through my reader this morning, I saw an adorable heirloom rocking chair at Mommy’s Piggy Tales. Janna asks at the end of her post, “Do you own anything that has been in the family more than 50 or even 100 years? Please share!”

When my maternal grandma was a little girl, her uncle made her a bed for her dolls. She was born in 1918, and I’m not sure how old she was when she received her doll bed. But I think this bed must be about 90 years old. My mom gave it to Lily for Christmas in 2006, when Lily was two years old. Mom also made a little doll quilt for the bed, which matched the crib quilt Mom made for Lily when she was born.

I’m sure this bed only has sentimental value, and it is in my daughter’s bedroom right now. Do you have an heirloom hanging around your house? Where did it come from, and why is it precious to you?

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13 Replies to “Grandma’s Little Doll Bed”

  1. Well since she put 50 years or older then I guess I am one….LOL, or at least come January.Yes, I do. My grandmother passed away two years ago this month, at the age of 93. She left me her silver. It almost matches mine! I am the oldest grandchild and receiving it in my later years made it even more precious.

  2. That's really neat Ginny! Wood is such an amazing thing. YOur bed and my rocking chair really don't look their age at all. What a special and wonderful gift and I love how she made a quilt to match.

  3. What a beautiful heirloom cradle! How sweet it is that Lily is able to play with it and form her own memories that she will pass down to her children someday. I'm so glad you posted this!

  4. Awww…what a great little doll bed, and a great story! We have a child's rocking chair this isn't quite that old, but I have pictures of me in it as a baby!!

  5. When my grandma died, I was given a silver-plated fruit serving spoon which I'd always admired, plus some silver sugar tongs and an etched glass sugar bowl, which live in the display cabinet in the living room. I treasure memories like these. Thanks for sharing yours, it's adorable:-)

  6. What a lovely little bed. And the memories are even better.

    The only thing I own that used to belong to my grandmother (who I was named after), is a silver bracelet. It is practically worthless, but it used to belong to my gran. Even if I never saw her wear it.

  7. Sigh. This bed and the quilt are precious! Thank you so much for introducing me to Mommy's Piggy Tales- I am starting next round in October:) I am blanking on heirlooms at the moment…now I am curious as to what we have around our house….

  8. I loved reading about Grandma's Bed. Your daughter is so blessed to have it and to be able to pass i on from generation to generation.I love your blog, thank you for introducing yourself to me.I wish I knew how to do all the background, etc. you do to your blog, maybe someday soon I will learn how!

  9. I am a triple negative 4-1/2 yr survivor of breast cancer. I take each day as it comes & try to makethe most of it. I am the first one in my family to have breast cancer and never thought it would happen to me because of that – I found out how wrong I was!

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