Meme’s the Word! (June 19 – June 26)

Link up this week’s (and last week’s) meme posts here!

Last week I was in Colorado on vacation, and I forgot to schedule Meme’s the Word! I’d love to catch up on all your memes — why not link up two weeks worth of meme posts?

Please visit those who link up, and give them some comment love! Are you hosting a meme you would like more people to know about? Is there a fabulous meme out there that you think more people should participate in? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll feature the meme soon on Meme’s the Word!


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2 Replies to “Meme’s the Word! (June 19 – June 26)”

  1. Hi Ginny Marie! I loved your Rocky Mountain National Park post this week! Colorado is so beautiful to visit! Well, and to live in too! LOL. Thanks for Meme's the word, I love doing this on the weekends!

  2. So you were on vacation last week too? I was back by Sunday – and figured I'd link up a little late, but never got around to it thanks to the after-work of a vacation: laundry, putting gear away, restocking the fridge, etc. So I guess I didn't miss it after all! Hope you had a great vacation!

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