Conversations Outside the Preschool Door: Has Breast Cancer Touched Your Life?

At the beginning of December, I returned home from burying my mother. I had a broken heart, and reentering “normal” life seemed difficult. One of Lily’s best friends had a birthday party, and it would be the first time I would be socializing with the parents of her preschool friends after Mom’s death. Lily had missed a week of school, and I had to postpone her birthday party, so they all knew about Mom’s death.

I am not close friends with any of the parents of Lily’s preschool friends, but they showed me such warmth and compassion that they made such a difference in the week of our return.

As I was talking with one of the moms, she shared with me her story. Her grandmother had died from breast cancer, and her mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died soon after. With this history of cancer, this mom’s doctor wanted her to see a genetic counselor. With this history of cancer, this mom is terrified of what the genetic counselor will discover, so she has yet to make the appointment.

As we talked, we discovered that our doctors recommended the same genetic counselor. I keep meaning to make that appointment for myself, and I told her I let her know what the whole process was like.

This whole conversation wasn’t a quiet tete-a-tete over a cup of coffee. We were in the middle of Chuck E. Cheese’s, surrounded by flashing lights, running and squealing kids, and a big, wandering mascot mouse!

There are so many people I know whose lives have been touched somehow by breast cancer, and so I’m bringing the question to you:

How has your life been touched by breast cancer?

Leave a comment here, or go to the Lemon Drop Pie Community and join the conversation!

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10 Replies to “Conversations Outside the Preschool Door: Has Breast Cancer Touched Your Life?”

  1. I never got to meet my mom's mom b/c she died when my mom was 15 from breast cancer. One of my best friends has breast cancer.I wish that it weren't something that so many people have affect them and their loved ones.

  2. Although I don't personally know anyone who has had breast cancer, my mom worked in the Breast Center at a hospital for years and years. She and I also volunteered for the Komen Race here in Tampa for a few years. I'm glad you found the other mom and that you guys can collaborate on your genetic counseling appts. Make each other go, it's important! 🙂

  3. I was thinking that maybe the two of you would head over to the doctor together. I know a few women on my bowling league who have been had breast cancer. They are doing well. I don't know anyone in our families with breast cancer but my sister had cancer on her nose and my brother in law had prostate cancer. Both are doing well.

  4. My aunt had breast cancer, but thankfully, she has been cancer-free for many, many years. My mother had uterine cancer that spread to her cervix and vagina about 3 years ago, but she too has been cancer-free since then, knock on wood. My uncle died of brain cancer. So, cancer definitely runs in the family. I am terrified I will get it, too….

  5. My mother-in-law had breast cancer but they were able to remove the cancer.My grandmother was diagnosed with uterine cancer but she died of other causes before the cancer got painful for her.My dad was just diagnosed with melanoma and will have surgery soon to remove more from the area.I'm sorry for your loss and facing such a disease is scary.

  6. My aunt has had breast cancer (twice) and finally got a double mascetomy.Please don't delay getting the tests!! The key to surviving is early detection so it is better to know sooner rather than later. It won't change it just because you don't test. You just won't know.And I'm so sorry about your mom. I lost my dad in August and it is so disorienting to lose a parent … no matter how old you are. My condolences.

  7. I'm friends with a very dear woman who has survived breast cancer. I'm so sorry about your mother, I know how very hard moms are to say goodbye to.

  8. My maternal grandmother had breast cancer and ended up having a double mastectomy. That isn't what ultimately caused her death but it certainly does run in our family.It's sad how many people actually know of others who have had or do have breast cancer.

  9. BlogFrog was down this morning so I am adding it here…My aunt had breast cancer…after she had a rare form of blood cancer. Complications of both finally took her in May of last year. It was such a shock to the family because both cancers were in remission…their effects apparently weren't.My mom's best friend had breast cancer and had a breast removed. (My aunt did as well). She went into remission for 10 years and then the cancer came back with a vegence and spread through her entire body. Doctors gave her a matter of weeks to live. She lived more than 3 years and was able to spend time with her four granddaughters, who she might never have seen had the doctors been right.

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