Meme’s the Word! (April 25-May 1)

Do you love a good meme or blog carnival? When I started participating in memes, I loved discovering other people’s blogs and having visitors leave comments on my own blog. Memes are a great way to publicize your blog and to find new and interesting blogs. At the same time, joining a meme can also be frustrating. Sometimes your visitors are so busy blog hopping that their comments look like this:

“Interesting post. Have a great day!”

Wouldn’t you rather have a comment with more substance? Mara from Weighty Matters left this comment on one of my travel posts:

“Whenever my sister and I would go on holiday together, we would play hangman. It was a bit harder for me, since I would be driving and had to do the words by heart, but it is a great thing to do.

Or make words from the numberplates you pass. I still do that now and will occasionally shout out a word that I will have made to the surprise and amazement of my passengers… “

Other times, it seems like the other bloggers participating in the meme don’t even make an effort to visit the other participants. (Do you hear the crickets chirping?) What is the point of meme participation if you’re not going to hop to other people’s blogs?

Let’s make the most of our memes! If you participated in a meme or blog carnival this week, put your link here!

Let’s have a couple of ground rules:

  1. Link up using the direct URL to your meme post. If you participated in more than one meme, go ahead and link more than one post!
  2. Visit a few links, and leave substantial comments. You don’t have to write a novel; just write a nice comment that shows you actually read the post!

Since this isn’t a usual meme, there’s no need to write a separate post for “Meme’s the Word.” Publicize this meme in whatever way you would like. If you love buttons, add the meme button to your side bar. Or you could add a little sentence to the bottom of your meme post saying something like this: “I’ve also linked this post to “Meme’s the Word!” on Saturdays at Lemon Drop Pie.”

Let’s go blog hopping!

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10 Replies to “Meme’s the Word! (April 25-May 1)”

  1. I have been visiting various blogs for my term papers writing research. I have found your blog to be quite useful. Keep updating your blog with valuable information… Regards

  2. Eh, the post above is very different. I loved what you said about people writing something of meaning when they comment. I'd rather have someone not comment than write something that really shows they didn't even read my post.Thanks for the thoughtful words on Saturday.Mary

  3. I did a meme post the other day on my bucket list. Several of my blogger friends had done it and it's been really funny/entertaining/interesting to see what different people list.Happy Saturday Sharefest!

  4. I don't always have time to hop because I already follow 700 people. I do Post It Note Tuesday and Random Dozen. I have certain people that I check in on each week. Have fun with your party and have a great weekend.

  5. I try my hardest to comment on the sites I visit, although I don't always do the greatest job;) But I figure that everyone loves a good comment, right? I am trying harder because I know I personally love a good comment too:)Very cute idea- "meme's the word!" Is this a weekly thing? I haven't noticed it on here before, but I don't read many blogs on Saturdays….I just linked up!

  6. This comment is a reply to your last comment on my blog: I just placed holds on more Steven Kellogg books. I've been reading A Hunting We Will Go every night and the kids would like me to keep it up until the library makes us give the book back! Steven Kellogg wrote a book called, Is Your Mama A Llama? Which I accidentally checked out for Gabriel before Ethan was born in an attempt to read Llama Llama Mad at Mama books. What a naive new mom I was back then! LOL! You have the best recommendations! Remember when you posted about Tomie DePalma? I checked out a ton of his books. He even wrote one about Blue Bonnets (the Texas state flower … and a really big deal around here). And for this post: I have become really bad at keeping up with my favorite blogs even. But you must excuse me – I've filled that time with Bible studies and visiting the children's section of the library. And if I may make this comment a little bit longer (er, more annoying) I stumbled upon this blog you may like if you've not been there before:

  7. I just reread that comment. In all the places I sound smug – replace that tone with self-deprecating sarcastic tone. Oops! 🙂

  8. It is hard to keep up daily with blogs but I take a bit of time on the weekends to try and get through my reader …. btw just added your blog, I love how thoughtful your blog is and am glad I ran across you on blog frog! I am not exactly a gal of few words so comments from me are often a book lol but I completely agree with you on the participation in memes. It used to bother me but now I look at it as the blogger's loss as they miss out on such great content BUT at the same time their participation lends validity and encourages others to participate so I will be grateful for that!

  9. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I just love your Meme linky! You can be sure I am in next Friday/Saturday. I also am a new follower :-)I for one always appreciate any comment, but the well thought out ones do mean so much more. I recently stopped participating in a very favorite Meme because of all things, the host had not commented on my post in like 8 months. (Often there were only about 8 of us participating). Just sad!

  10. I hate those vague comments. Like "Too funny!" and nothing else. Why do people just skim to comment and leave. Grr. 🙂 This is why it takes me forever to get around to comment, I actually read the posts.

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