Brad Pitt Has Nothin’ on This

Lily has a love affair with tape. She loves its versatility, its usefulness, its, its…well, its stickiness. She tapes together paper rings, paper bracelets and paper necklaces. She designs cards and books. She makes signs. Oh, boy, does she ever make signs. And then she tapes them all over the house. I know I should not allow this. My mother would have never allowed tape on her walls. She would have never allowed me to have tape, period. I must be a pushover.

These are little “BOO” signs for Halloween.

And here’s a little firetruck she drew after seeing a firetruck at preschool.

I have no idea what this is a sign for. It’s by the kitchen door…does that shed any light?

She drew four of these signs. Just guess what they mean. There’s this one:

And this one:

And yet another one:

You get the idea. She is banning Emmy from the rooms these signs are posted in! I think Emmy is banned from every room except her own bedroom. Lily isn’t quite the model big sister.

So there you have it; Lily’s love affair with tape. Don’t get me started on her infatuation with scissors!

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7 Replies to “Brad Pitt Has Nothin’ on This”

  1. That is really different. I do not like tape on anything except a wrapped present. You need to get her that poster stuff! It's like a putty.

  2. We have the same issue with tape over at our house. It's better than using band-aids as adhesive. I remember band-aids everywhere! Oh, and then the "rippy bits" all over the place (little ripped or cut pieces of paper)…I hear you! My mom wouldn't have put up with it either. ;)Looks like Lily likes egg-in-the-middle just like her Dad! At least she put x's and o's on her 'keep out' signs to give her sister some love when denying her access to the house 🙂

  3. I think picturingme's right — the kitchen picture looks like yolk-in-the-middle! (I don't know what's next to it, though.)We did have wallpaper all over our house growing up, which was much less tape-friendly than good ol'paint!I love how you can tell it's Emmy by her curly hair!

  4. LMaunt, I think that thing next to it is the part of the bread that is taken out to create the hole for the egg. But, that is purely from the beholder's point of view, the artist could have a totally different vision 😉

  5. Oh, I am in love with her drawings! Poor Emmy though.I tape Sprite's drawings on our kitchen cabinets too. I can feel my dad cringing when he sees the possibility of ruining those cabinets.. 🙂

  6. I love it! Princess Nagger has a thing with tape, too – she loves to tape her artwork to everything. The other day she was talking about making stairway art…I'm still waiting for the end result! 🙂 My parents would never allow that, either. 🙂

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