“ComeLordJesusbeourguest…” My mother-in-law used to admonish us when we prayed too quickly. She insisted we slow down as we prayed, so that we could think about what we were saying instead of rattling off our prayer. Sometimes it seemed painstakingly slow as we recited our prayer before we ate! She had a good point, however; it’s important to slow down and remember the blessings we take for granted.

When I set dinner in front of my two-year old, she wants to dig in immediately and often the food is too hot for her. I tell her, “Wait! It’s too hot! Wait until we pray!” Now she does it automatically. “Too hot! ComeLordJesus…” she’ll say. I inadvertently taught Emmy that we pray when our food is too hot to eat!

Even now, during this difficult time after my mother’s death, I want to remember my blessings. There are so many; some large, some little. My sister and I are gathering photos for a display at the visitation, and we are reminiscing about all the wonderful times we had with our mom. We need to hold those happy memories close to our hearts. God has given us so many blessings over the years. There will be a lot of tears in the days to come, but also a lot of laughter as our family gathers together.

Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest. Let Thy gifts to us be blessed. Amen

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3 Replies to “Blessings”

  1. What a beautiful reminder to be thankful in all situations. I will pray for your comfort and strength, also for your family.I lost my mother when I was 31, she was 56. Take care & God Bless.I am making a cheese soup today, I will be sure to tell my 28 year old daughter that we have to pray over it because it's hot!

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