Breast Cancer Stories: A Husband’s Perspective

The other day Ginny asked me to write about what it’s like to be married to a breast cancer survivor. It’s strange, but I never really thought about it like that. I mean…I’m married to Ginny, and she is a breast cancer survivor, so, yeah…I guess I’m married to a breast cancer survivor.

But really, I’m married to Ginny. I don’t think our relationship is any different because she’s a breast cancer survivor. Sure, she worries about her cancer returning, but, then again, she would worry about getting breast cancer anyway. That’s just Ginny. And sure, she worries about our daughters one day having breast cancer. But, again, I’m not sure that she worries about our daughters because she herself is a breast cancer survivor. She would worry about that anyway. That’s just Ginny.

I seldom think about my wife’s history with cancer. Maybe it’s because I’m wearing blinders, or maybe it’s because there’s really nothing different about her that’s due to her cancer. Although it’s a part of who she is, I tend to focus on other things a whole lot more.

(Do you think Ed is trying to say that I worry too much?? ~ Ginny Marie)

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6 Replies to “Breast Cancer Stories: A Husband’s Perspective”

  1. Interesting. It's nice to learn what Ed's perspective is. And yes I would agree that he may recognize that you worry too much. ;)Although I'm team Ginny on this one! haha I don't know how you could have gone what you have gone through with both yourself and your mom and not worry about yourself and your children. But I think Ed might be on to something. You likely can't change any outcome on the future so "focus on other things a whole lot more". I'm going to try and take his advice!

  2. Thank you Ed. Yes you worry allot, lots of us do! Would you worry if their was no history, sure you would but it would be on a different level.

  3. Thanks for joining in Ed. I think this is very reassuring to all cancer survivors. Ginny is lucky to have you!

  4. I think it was lovely what he wrote … he loves you as you are and accepts you as you are … not matter how much you worry. This is a gift worth more than anything! You're one lucky lady … despite having to fight off breast cancer!

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