Random Tuesday Thoughts: I’m Getting Bella Cullen’s Mail

Whenever I read different ways to increase your blog traffic, I always read that Mondays are the biggest day for blogs. However, Keely has rocked the blog world and made Tuesdays the biggest day for blogs!

Last weekend, we ordered Chinese for takeout. One of the fortunes read, “Skill comes from diligence.” That makes sense; the more you work at something, the better you become at it. Right? So here the next fortune I read. “Don’t forget, you are always on our minds.” This scares me. Now I’m worried…whose mind am I on? Is it the Chinese restaurant employees? The fortune cookie factory workers? And why am I on their minds? Freaky!

Did you know when you make corn bread in a pan, it’s also called Johnny Cake? That’s what my Jiffy corn muffin mix box is telling me, anyway. So being the geek that I am, I had to look it up. What do you know…I found a site called WiseGeek, just for me! Johnny cakes are actually more like cornmeal pancakes than corn bread. Aren’t you glad I’m geeky?

We received a letter yesterday for Bella Cullen. I’ve never read Twilight, but I thought this name sounded familar. The letter is from People to People Student Ambassador Program. Do you think there’s really a teen out there with the name Bella Cullen, or someone filled out a form as a prank?

If Bella Cullen really exists, I bet she’s the most popular girl in her class!

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16 Replies to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: I’m Getting Bella Cullen’s Mail”

  1. The Chinese are using Bella Cullen to write their fortune cookies… and yes they are watching our every move through the use of tracking sensors in every piece of Twilight merchandise made in their country. It's a plot. =-)

  2. "You are always on our minds" reminds me of the killer boyfriend in Practical Magic! All this talk of Johnny cakes is making me want to run and re-read the Little House on the Prairie books-lol! Happy RTT!

  3. I really don't like non- fortune fortunes. Just tell me something that might or might not happen but not that I'm on their mind. Creepy. Mail for Bella- LOL.

  4. Many years ago my father got a fortune along the lines of:"You will find a new love soon."We were all taken aback by this…especially my mother!

  5. Many years ago my father got a fortune along the lines of:"You will find a new love soon."We were all taken aback by this…especially my mother!

  6. Some of the fortunes in those cookies are freaky. I always make them up though when I read them to the kids. They ask me what their fortune says and I pretend to read it and say, "Santa Claus saw you hit your brother yesterday. You may end up on the naughty list unless you clean up your act". I bet Bella Cullen is the most popular girl in her class!

  7. The best fortune I ever got, said "You are a very happy man." LOL. I kept it for the longest time. I suppose my hands can be considered a little mannish. 😉

  8. My husband's favorite fortune is "He who turns sideways in turnstile is going to Bangkok." He says it every time we get a fortune cookie. I'm tired. 🙂

  9. Enjoyed your random thoughts and could use some Jiffy cornbread with my coffee right about now. Maybe it's almost time for lunch? I've not read the Twilight Series but I'm assuming this must be a character from the book … strange. about the mail. I shared My Random Thoughts yesterday morning but didn't have a chance to visit because because I spent the day with my sister, so I'm playing 'catch up' today. Hugs and blessings,

  10. I've never heard of Johnny cake but anything with the word cake in the name is ok by me.Keely really did start a revolution with her Tuesday thing. She's awesome.

  11. i am so glad you taught me about johnny cake today! i really feel like i learned a little something from your blog and perhaps i will make it since i am on strike against grocery stores (until payday) and running out of food fast. but for whatever reason – i have a ton of corn meal.

  12. That is…a really creepy fortune. I don't like that at ALL.I bet the Bella Cullen was a joke, seeing as it went to the wrong address. Unless you really do have Bella in your basement or something.

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