Last night I put a carton of ice cream on the counter to soften. I ruined our ice cream scoop when trying to scoop ice cream that was as hard as a rock. It bent in my hand as the ice cream resisted being scooped. It was stubborn, that ice cream.

I resist. I resist simple changes, such as bill paying online. I know how easy it is; I paid my brother’s bills online for him when he was in the hospital after a serious accident. Yet still I resist, writing checks and mailing them in every month. There’s something I enjoy about sitting down with my checkbook. I learned how to write checks a long time ago, in Consumer Education during high school.

Lily resists. I put broccoli on her plate, and she tells me “Broccoli is gross!” She used to eat broccoli all the time, but now she’s four. If I say nothing; do nothing, at the end of dinner, the broccoli has been eaten; perhaps by ignoring her there is nothing to resist. She becomes soft like ice cream.

Emmy resists. She can have the wettest, poopiest diaper, and yet she doesn’t want to stop what she is doing to have it changed. She will wake up in the morning, not even be doing anything yet, and still she resists. I need to distract her, make the diaper change fun before she stops crying and wriggling away from me.

Ed resists. He admits he dislikes change. He still prefers the Lutheran Hymnal as opposed to the Lutheran Book of Worship. Our church switched hymnals in 1980. Yes, Ed resists change.

What do you resist?

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14 Replies to “Resistance”

  1. Change is difficult. You are right: patience is the answer. Patience for the ice cream to soften so it can be scooped. We all need to soften something.Absolutely wonderful post, Ginny Marie. You know I love when someone makes me think.Recent blog post: Are you pregnant? You should be.*

  2. Thanks, Wendy! That's high praise, coming from you…your blog always makes me think! I'm glad you're sharing more writing with us! (I know, you've been busy!) ;)Recent blog post: Resistance

  3. You are always too nice to me. I have been behind and am trying to catchup. Thanks for noticing. That means a lot.

  4. Aargh, I resist so many things! I resist doing things that: 1) I know I need to do, and that 2) will make me happier, and 3) that by not doing I hurt only myself, simply because they take work. I'm trying to change!Great post.Recent blog post: Where I've Gone

  5. Online bill payment is the least of my resistances! You're so right; most of the things are only hurting me…but some resistance is good. For example, resisting turning on the A/C until June! ;)Recent blog post: Resistance

  6. My son does the same thing lately when he has a dirty diaper. Then when I least expect it, he'll rip the stupid thing off and come at me in the buff. Personally, I'm all about resisting resistance. đŸ˜‰ Makes things simple.Recent blog post: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

  7. I try not to resist, actually. I used to resist a LOT – getting old, mainstream culture, being ordinary – and now I'm a lot more Taoist in my stance. Go with the flow – Be like water.Eventually, it wears away the rock ;)Recent blog post: HASAY update, and some ducks

  8. I seem to have a hard time going with the flow…but I should! Especiallywhen it comes to my children. We might all be a little happier.

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