"I Love You" Lily Style

Emmy said, “I love you,” to Lily, and then screamed, “Stuck! Stuck!” as Lily threw herself on top of Emmy, pro-wrestler style.

Lily has her own way of expressing love toward her little sister. When I went into Emmy’s room this morning, I noticed she had a couple of extra stuffed animals in her crib. Since she usually sleeps with the same complement of baby dolls every night, I asked Ed where the animals came from. He told me when he let Emmy cry a little at bedtime last night (I was at a meeting), Lily went into Emmy’s room to comfort her and give her some animals, including her own precious little pink pony. Now that’s love.

Lily gets this sentimental look in her eye when she’s about to tell me she loves me, just like her father. At other times, there’s a different look in her eye.

Yesterday at the bank, we were standing by the teller’s window waiting for a cashier’s check. Emmy was getting fussy, so I picked her up. The line behind us got longer and longer. Lily sidled up to me, hugs me, and says, “I love to hug your big bottom.” Then, she turned her head and bit me. In. The. Butt. I grabbed her hand with my free hand and told her to stop. I never once turned around to see if anyone else was looking, but as soon as I got that check I grabbed Lily’s hand and took off.

I love Lily dearly, but some days…well, let’s just leave it at that!

For more spins on saying “I love you,” visit Jen at Sprite’s Keeper!

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12 Replies to “"I Love You" Lily Style”

  1. Too sweet & funny! Tonight my husband had some guys over for cards. After saying goodnight to all, my 5 yr old asks loudly, as I'm leading him away from "the fun", if he can "kiss my butt"! OMG I was mortified but kept on walking & ignored the muffled guffaws. Lord only knows where they come up with these thingsRecent blog post: IF – craving + Artarazzi # 25 meets Art On The Darkside

  2. so there i am reading… aw that's sweet. oh she's so cute! what a silly girl.until i get to her biting your bottom! i laughed so loud it made my own head hurt. gabriel does a very similar thing. they are like cats, they will a spot clean on you before they tear their teeth into your flesh. Recent blog post: Spin Cycle: Love Story

  3. I know…you think you are raising them right, and then…they come up withthe strangest things! At least nobody at the bank knew me!

  4. That is so sweet about the pink pony. It is so funny about the bottom biting. So far Lane has not done anything like that in public. So far the worst thing he has done is scream like I am beating him when I took away his potato chips.

  5. Ok–the biting thing is HILARIOUS. (But if it had happened to me, I would've wanted the floor to swallow me up.) 😉 I am always amazed at the things kids come up with–it makes you realize all the more that they really are their own little people, doesn't it?Fun post!Recent blog post: Set Phasers to Wicked Awesome

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