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PINKALICIOUS!! I just love the name of this book, along with the other pink words it has. Pinkerbelle! Pinkitis! Pinkerella!

A few days after reading this book, I gave Lily and Emmy plain yoghurt topped with blueberries I had defrosted in the microwave. Heating the frozen blueberries made a yummy juice, and as Lily was stirring the yoghurt and blueberries together, she declared this snack was “Pinkalicious!” Now she asks me to make “pinkalicious” for her.

I spell “yoghurt” with an “h” not because I’m pretentious, (okay, maybe I am a little pretentious), but because I use Mountain High Yoghurt. I tried the less expensive store brand yogurt, and it wasn’t nearly as good. (In my opinion, however, the store brand Mac ‘n Cheese is yummier than that other brand!)

Instead of pink yogurt, this book is about tasty pink cupcakes! (Don’t tell Lily, but I’ll take cupcakes over yogurt, *ahem,* over yoghurt any day!)

Pinkalicious Pinkalicious by Elizabeth Kann

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
From looking at the cover, I assumed this book would be for girls only. But the little girl has a brother named Peter, and he is a very funny part of the story.

The nameless little girl makes pink cupcakes with her mommy on a rainy day. She eats some, and demands more. By bedtime, the little girl has had way too much sugar and her parents are at their wit’s end!

Some other reviewers on the Goodreads website state that this mischievous little girl sets a bad example for their own children. My little girl has already done the things this little girl does, with no prompting. Whine for more sugar? Check. Run out of control at bedtime? Check. Sneak more sugar? Double check.

The thing is, there are consequences for sneaking extra pink cupcakes. The little girl turns pink, and finds out that being pink is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Since this book deals with behavior and consequences in a fun way, it is appropriate for girls and boys. (Just hide the pink cover from the boys!)

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