Random Tuesday Thoughts: Reprise

It became apparent to me last week that quite a few people don’t like the Wiggles. Why, I ask you, why? (This is a “rhetorical question.” Please don’t comment with an essay about why you dislike Greg, Anthony, Jeff, and, um, what’s his name? Oh, I remember…Murray.) They are only preschool teachers in disquise. Perhaps I like them because I am an elementary school teacher myself.

Would you rather have me post a video of Elmo? How about the TeleTubbies? Or perhaps…BARNEY??? WOULD YOU?

I would never do that to you, faithful readers.

Instead, here is a video of Lily and Emmy, dancing to “The Monkey Dance”. Yes, it is the Wiggles, but you will never actually see them. Instead, you will see my awesome cinematographic skills; my use of a messy kitchen as a backdrop, my creative lighting, (the sun was shining in the windows, causing the girls to look like they don’t have noses), and realistic tiger growls. It was yellow day at preschool, so Lily wanted to wear her new spring outfit, and of course Emmy wanted to wear her matching outfit. And what would dancing be without…tap shoes?

Jump to the front and back, everyone!

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