Turning 40

Today is Groundhog Day. He saw his shadow…six more weeks of winter…BOO!
Today is also my birthday. Should I write 40 things about turning 40? Let’s see…

  1. My first class of second graders will be turning 26 years old this year.
  2. Some of those kids probably have kids the same age as my kids (or older…eek!)
  3. I’ll be thirteen years cancer-free this year. Is that good luck or bad?
  4. I get the feeling I’m doing things backwards. Isn’t cancer supposed to come last?
  5. I got married on Columbus’ birthday when I was 33. I thought that was old.
  6. I was 35 when I had my first baby, the same age my mom was when she had her last baby.
  7. I was 38 when Emmy was born. My obstetrician said he admired me. He is the same age I am, and couldn’t imagine having the energy to run after a 2 year-old while 8 months pregnant. Dude, don’t you get up at all hours of the night to deliver babies?
  8. I’m 40 and just used the word “dude.” Scary.
  9. I caught myself reading More Magazine at the doctor’s office. I was enjoying it. Scary.
  10. I pulled an all-nighter last night. Emmy has an ear infection and didn’t want to lie down in her crib. Were all-nighters more fun in college?
  11. I’m 40. I really don’t have the creativity energy desire to write 29 more things about turning 40. Wait, shouldn’t I write something about reaching my sexual peak? …And this is why I’m ending my list.

Written as part of abtpbt’s Listlessness Mondays. For more lists, check her out!


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