Random Tuesday Thoughts: Winter Blahs

Here’s how my yard looked all of January and part of February:

Pretty, wasn’t it? This is how my yard looks now:

I know I’ve been looking forward to warmer weather, and I have cabin fever like you wouldn’t believe. But I hate looking out our windows and seeing the brown grass and all the yard work we didn’t get to before the first snow. I meant to take all those flower pots inside last fall. They are probably all cracked and falling apart. Rats! At least the squirrels are happy; they’re running around like crazy, pulling up the dead grass and finding all sorts of yummy things to eat. The thing is, it isn’t that warm yet, and we’re still stuck inside.

Now that I’m 40 (ahem) I need to make an appointment for a physical. I’ve been putting it off. Ed is all smug, since he just had his physical this fall. That’s the only doctor he has to see, though. I have to see the gyne annually, plus my yearly visit to the oncologist, AND I have to arrange for someone to watch the kids. They are always with me, so he never has to worry about childcare when he makes his appointments. Yeah, I know, he has to schedule his appointment around work, and since he gets paid hourly we lose money, blah-de-blah blah blah. I’ve still got it worse, right? (c’mon, you know you’re on my side.) Here’s the topper…it’s almost time for my mammogram. You can take that, Ed, and stick it up your…oh, um… didn’t your doctor already do that during your exam?

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