Quirks. Are they adorable or annoying?

The letter Q itself has a quirk. It can’t stand to go anywhere without the letter U. U sometimes gets tired of Q. U needs time with her other friends, and will show up in text messages with other letters; numbers, even. C U L8R, Q. But Q is faithful, and rarely goes anywhere without U.

I always thought quirks should be romantic, like in novels or movies. He loved the quirky way she bit her lip as she played the cello. I’ve been known to tell my dad when my mom is annoying him, “Isn’t that one of her quirks that made you fall in love?” He just looks at me and says, “Huh.”

People’s little quirks make them unique. Without quirks, life would be a little less interesting and a lot more blah. Here are some quirks; maybe I’m quirky since I think these are quirks when they are not really quirks at all!

  1. One of my friends will only read paperback books. She views hardcover as too unwieldy to read. If I had this quirk, my reading selection would diminish greatly; I love the library since I am too cheap to buy my own books, and the library has mostly hardcover books.
  2. Another friend went through a phase of only drinking from water bottles. If I offered her a glass of water, she would ask if I had a water bottle instead. She saved her water bottles to reuse them. I did that, too, until I discovered that plastic has those nasty chemicals that will leach into your water over time.
  3. Dad hates to drink his coffee out of a plastic cup. He has a travel mug made of stainless steel, but refuses to use the lid because it is plastic. So he takes it in the car without the lid. Mom lives in constant fear of coffee stains.
  4. Friends of ours will only buy spices at a spice specialty shop. They will not even consider buying spices from the grocery store. Every time we go to their house, we eat really well, so perhaps they are on to something.
  5. Ed needs to brush his teeth continually throughout the day. He can’t stand to not have his teeth brushed for very long. That is the one thing he doesn’t like about camping; not being able to brush his teeth more often.

My quirks? I have plenty! You’ll have to ask Ed about them. I’m sure he feels they are annoying and not endearing.

Anna over at abdpbt has a list about toddler birthday parties. She’ll link up your list, too!


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