Mercury is the Reason I Don’t Have a PhD

A couple of nights ago, Emmy was waking up every two hours to nurse and I had had ENOUGH! I let her cry for a while. I thought she was sleeping when she started up again, so I finally went into her room. She was standing up in her crib, waiting for me. I got her back to sleep, but without nursing her. The next night, she slept from 7:00 until about quarter ’til five. I thought my sleepless night were over. Hah!

Then last night, she woke up around 10:30, and she was burning up. I could tell she had a fever. So what could I do? I nursed her back to sleep. She was up again around midnight, and I changed her diaper and gave her acetaminophen. She couldn’t go back to sleep, even after nursing some more, and drinking water from her sippy cup. Today her temperature feels normal, but of course I can’t take her temperature because ALL of our thermometers have DEAD BATTERIES!!! The old fashioned ones were hard to read, and yeah, they had mercury, BUT THEY WORKED!!! I’m not sure why she had a fever last night, and today she has been playing as usual. She’s not eating much, though.

My sister and I found some mercury on the floor after my mom broke a thermometer when we were little. We saved it in a Tic-Tac container and loved watching that tiny bit of silver liquid go back and forth. When I talk with other moms about all the safety concerns we have today, we commiserate together that it’s a wonder we survived our own childhoods.

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2 Replies to “Mercury is the Reason I Don’t Have a PhD”

  1. I can definitely sympathize. Only when I finally cut off the tap did my son start sleeping through the night (mind you he was much older).I too played with mercury as a kid. Ok I am so following your blog now…

  2. I was just reading about "How to safely clean up mercury after breaking a CFL lightbulb" and thinking about those fascinating little mercury beads. . . I guess we all survived!

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