Five Things About My Preschooler I Dearly Miss

Now that Lily is four, she is insufferable. She is always correcting me; for example, when I tell someone that Emmy is 17 months old, Lily pipes in: “No, she’s just ONE!” Or when I want an English muffin for breakfast, she’ll command me NOT to eat an English muffin. Once I finished my orange juice before she did. The nerve! I mean, I just wasn’t thinking, was I?

I miss certain things about my little (I mean, BIG) girl. Here are some things she used to do:

  1. When someone would ask Lily what her name was, she would say, “I’m Cucumber, and (pointing to me) this is my assistant Pickles.” Her favorite book at the time was Richard Scarry’s Best Mysteries EVER! Cucumber was a dog/reporter/sleuth, and Pickles was, you know, her assistant.
  2. When Lily was newly potty trained, she would insist we say “Goodbye, I’ll see you later, my friend!” everytime she flushed. We all had to say it, EVERY time. I confess, I don’t miss this, but I’ve caught Ed looking sadly at the toilet, saying, “Goodbye, my friend,” while he helps Lily wash her hands.
  3. The crawling stage; I miss this about both my girls. Their cute, wiggling diapered baby bottoms cruising around the house; this stage is too short!
  4. Her love for her stuffed Tigger. They were inseparable; they would sleep together, eat together, play together; now he lies in the toy box, abandoned. I would adopt him myself, but he needs a good bath. Here he is when he’s still fluffy and cute:
  5. I miss those chubby, wubby baby CHEEKS! I could just EAT THEM UP!

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5 Replies to “Five Things About My Preschooler I Dearly Miss”

  1. My oldest is just about 3-and-a-half, and she likes to send her poops "down the pipe to party with the other poops." She says they have cake at the poop party. Where do they come up with this stuff.

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