Random Tuesday Thoughts: Written with No Pants!


I’m just kidding, I’m wearing pants…. My husband’s dream is to be able to walk around without pants. He always jokes about it with the neighbors; how they might just see him without pants if they stop by unexpectedly. “This is take your pants off good!” he’ll exclaim about something yummy, usually dark chocolate. When I’m getting ready in the morning and drying my hair with no pants on, he’ll yell, “Mommy, you can’t go outside with no pants on!” He gets a laugh out of Lily, anyway. I used to laugh, but after six years of marriage…well, I digress.

So last Saturday was made for Ed. It was No Pants! Subway Ride day. Too bad Ed didn’t know about it in advance. Maybe next year, Edward. Those pantless riders were out in a snowstorm this year, another thing Ed loves. Put those two things together: no pants, snow, and what have you got? Ed Nirvana. Just add dark chocolate and whoa…that’s take your pants off good!

Let’s just stop that train of thought right there.

Because there a snowstorm, it was a great day to run errands. Both the post office and bank were practically empty, which I thought was unusual for a Saturday afternoon. As I was driving home, a Jeep Cherokee fishtailed behind me. A couple blocks down, a GM type SUV was perpendicular to the road, stuck in a snow pile. I think all us non-four wheel drivers were giggling a little bit as we drove past.

So this post is later than usual; I’ve had quite a morning. My toddler had a coughing fit in the wee hours of the morning, and so we were up for about an hour. While we were getting ready she wanted me to hold her constantly. I decided to go the grocery store during Lily’s preschool…one less child to shop with…and Emmy had another coughing fit right after she had some bites of free deli cheese. And she threw up everywhere. On herself, on me, on the floor. Fortunately, the store was practically empty, so the deli lady (the one who gave us the free cheese) was very kind and helped me out. Thank you, deli lady and clean-up man!!

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7 Replies to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Written with No Pants!”

  1. Wanting to run around without pants must be a man thing. Either that or just a neighborhood thing, be careful Ed and Tom might be running around in solidarity without their pants on.

  2. lol! Whenever hubby sees me putting on pants he exclaims, "Paanntts!" in an outraged voice. Must be a man thing.I linked you earlier but just getting back to comment now. No pants and vomit makes for good randomness!

  3. HA! I have 'No Pants Sunday' and when I saw that I thought that's what it said at first and I thought I started a revolution! Woo!

  4. Dang free deli cheese. Will do it every time. Last time I threw up in a grocery store I was pregnant with the queen and it was on a Friday at like 5:30 p.m……everybody and their dog was there. It was awesome! It was 'take your pants off good!' Not really, but I don't know that anything in my life is that good..I'm jealous.

  5. Commenting like Yoda were you? Worshiped is Yoda here! My son loves Star Wars.Thanks for popping by my blog. I truly enjoyed reading yours. 1st thing my boy does when he gets home is take off his pants – gotta be a guy thing( like sponge bob). Funny thing is as I read your blog, my husband comes inside & tells me he almost went out with out pants!! What is up with men??

  6. Oh dear. Peanut barfed all over the bathroom today (we didn't quite make it to the toilet). I guess it was that kind of day.The no pants thing is too funny!

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