I Just Can’t Stop…

  1. licking the beaters even though there are raw eggs in the batter.
  2. blowing on my kids’ food to cool it down, even though their dentist said I would pass along my germs and give them cavities. (Hasn’t happened yet!)
  3. checking on my kids at night to make sure they are still breathing. (They always are.)
  4. checking my email throughout the day, even though I know I won’t have anything but junk mail.
  5. eating a bowl of ice cream before I go to bed, even in the dead of winter. Think of all the weight I could lose!
  6. worrying about something. I can always make up something, even if there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. I drive my husband crazy.
  7. spying on my neighbors and making up stories about them. It’s more entertaining than “reality” TV.
  8. reading the comics in the newspaper. I’m addicted to Brenda Starr Reporter.

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2 Replies to “I Just Can’t Stop…”

  1. Your dentist really said that? Good grief! I think, as a mom, there are so many ways we pass our germs around with our kids that blowing on food seems harmless enough!

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