Smart Aleck Kid

We have a nice sheen of ice on the ground now, and as we were walking to the car after ballet class last night, I was carrying Emmy and all our stuff, and I didn’t have a free hand to hold on to Lily. So here she is, jumping and hopping and running along as usual, and I’m yelling at her to walk carefully so she doesn’t slip and fall. On one hand, I’m terrified that she’ll fall and hurt herself, but on the other hand, she’s telling me the whole time that she’s not going to fall so I think, if she does fall, it serves her right. Bad mommy! Fortunately, we somehow got to the car without her falling.

This morning, Lily was working at her “workshop,” a little lap desk where she draws and does her crafts, and she shouts, “Where are my stupid scissors?” They were right where they belonged. It’s true; the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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