Looking at the Sky on Friday: Storm over the Harbor

Every July, my extended family spends the week on Lake Michigan. It’s a tradition that goes back to when I was little. Spending the week on a beach is a great way to build family bonds, and our family is very close due to this yearly vacation. Now our kids have fun getting to know each other at “The Lake.”

Ed and I were able to have a date last year, when a couple of my cousin’s kids offered to babysit. As we were walking by the harbor after dinner, a storm blew in. Boats were pouring into the harbor, escaping the bad weather.

The lighthouse light was twirling.

We started walking, then started running, back to the car.

Just as we reached the parking lot, huge, fat drops of rain began to fall! We drove back to our rented house as sheets of rain fell from the sky. When we got back, Lily (then 3) was acting as though we had never left and was having a blast. Emmy (11 months) hadn’t let her babysitter put her down for a second. But she was happy as long as someone was holding her!

For more images of the sky, go visit Tisha at Crazy Working Mom.


11 Replies to “Looking at the Sky on Friday: Storm over the Harbor”

  1. Hi!Those are some great photos! Glad you didn't get drenched! Have a great day!!Sherriehttp://sherrie-plummer.blogspot.com/2009/06/looking-at-sky-friday.htmlRecent undefined:=-

  2. Yay for a date night, the pictures are great! My husband and his siblings still own the lake house in PA where his grandmother lived and where they spent their summers. We hope to start making it a yearly trip next year since the kids are too young to make the trip this year. Recent blog:=- Funky Foto Flashback: I Beg To Differ

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