Pink Things 1

I didn’t used to like pink, but I’m going through a pink phase right now. I think it may have something with having two girls who have a lot of pink clothes. This makes life easy for my husband, who goes to the pink ribbon section of Carson’s to buy me gifts. Remember the pink shoes I wanted? I bought them. They are SO comfortable!

Ed just came up behind me, and asked me why I have a picture of my shoes. DUH! My blog, silly! He is so not going to appreciate the next few postings where I show you more of my pink things.

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3 Replies to “Pink Things 1”

  1. Hey, I love the shoes! I put a link to your blog on mine. I hope that is ok. You should go check out my friend Sue's blog. You will not believe what they are doing in first grade at her new school! T

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