Treasure Bath!

Look who needs a bath!
Someone was eating a chocolate bunny!

Messes and kids, kids and baths; they go together! Emmy can definitely relate to this book:
The Treasure Bath The Treasure Bath by Dan Andreasen

A little boy is baking with his mother. He gets a little messy during the process, and while the cake is baking, needs to take a bath. He has some adventures under the sea without leaving the bathtub! This is a wordless picture book that Ed and Emmy found this book at the library, and Emmy loves it! Right now it is the most requested book at our house. (Just a note of caution: the little boy is shown with a bare bottom in the bath…while Emmy thinks nothing of this because she is two, I never would have read this book to a classroom full of second graders! They would have laughed way too much!)

Tuesday Tuesday by David Wiesner

This is a great story, also wordless! The illustrations are incredible, and there’s a surprise ending! (Shh…I’m not going to spoil it for you!)

For more information on these two books, watch my first vlog below:

Some things I learned about vlogging:

1. The living room is a bad location for recording a video. Yikes, that glare!

2. There’s a reason everyone uses YouTube. It’s fast, it’s free, and it’s easy. I uploaded this same video to Vimeo, and 24 hours later it’s still “processing.”

3. Never allow your husband to edit your video. He kept the beginning part in, and if I hadn’t gotten to him in time, would’ve included the tushie shot of me at the end!

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Happy Reading!