Cozy Dogs for Breakfast

It was the last morning of our Springfield trip, and there was one more thing on our bucket list. We had already visited the Lincoln Presidential Museum, Lincoln’s Tomb, and Lincoln’s New Salem. We had gotten lost while on hiking in the woods and searched for an original stretch of historical Route 66. We had even eaten horseshoes! But there was one thing we hadn’t done yet. We hadn’t had an original Cozy Dog.

Route 66 Cozy Dog

I didn’t want to hang out around Springfield until lunchtime just to eat a Cozy Dog, but Ed had done his research, as he so often does when it comes to food! The Cozy Dog opened in the morning, so we could stop for one before we drove home.

What is a Cozy Dog, you ask? A Cozy Dog is a hot dog on a stick, surrounded by a deliciously crispy fried layer of corn meal. Yes, you got it. It’s a corn dog!

Emmy cozy dogDid I mention that it was also Ed and my wedding anniversary? We knew we wouldn’t have a romantic dinner out that evening, so we settled for an anniversary kiss next to the “cozy” dogs! It was a very, um, romantic breakfast…with our two children.

anniversary kiss

Ed and I are going to rectify the absence of an anniversary dinner by going out on Saturday night, to celebrate our anniversary two months after the actual day. I’m really looking forward to this weekend–it’s been a long time since our last date night.

As much as I love corn dogs, I hope we have something a little more gourmet for dinner!