Making the Best Out of:

1. The squeaky glider in Emmy’s room. She never falls asleep if I actually rock her; it’s way too squeaky. But…I rock furiously if I’m annoyed with Ed and he’s still in bed, sleeping…or at least trying to sleep. On reflection, this really isn’t making the best of the situation, is it? (I’m sorry, Ed!)

2. Emmy’s cold. She insisted on being held while I was baking corn bread. Then she sneezed right into the baking powder. I figure the germs would just bake to death.

3. Long freight trains. They make me late, they’re slow, and it means I have to listen to the Little People CD even longer. But at least the girls love watching the train so they’re not screaming or crying or whining.

4. The water pipe that goes up to our master bath began to leak the morning of Lily’s birthday party. Everyone was kicking the bucket, literally. To fix it, the plumber had to cut several holes in our kitchen wall. But I got to have the wallpaper removed and a new paint job in the kitchen that insurance paid for…Hurray!

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I’m Still Freaked Out After Writing this List

Here’s my contribution to Listlessness Monday.

Our phrase of the month seems to be “That freaks me out!” Ed and I have been using this phrase pretty regularly. Some things that have really freaked me out:

1. After Ed has gone to work and I’ve fed the girls breakfast, I usually take a shower. So it freaks me out when I get out of the shower and hear a man’s voice out of nowhere. For a split second, I panic. Then I remember I was listening to WFMT in the kitchen and left the radio on.

2. I have this one blonde, fine hair that grows in the middle of my forehead. It will grow two inches long before I notice it and pluck it out.

3a. Skip 3b. if you’re sick of reading poopy stories. Proceed to number 4.

3b. Baby poop. Why does it need to change color and consistency, and send every newbie mom (this newbie mom, anyway) running to the phone to call the pediatrician? When Lily started pooping red, I was really freaked out. It turned out to be a side effect of the medication she was taking at the time.

4. The ATT thumb commercial for texting. I’ll post the link, but I don’t want to embed it in the post because it FREAKS ME OUT! Some people think it’s funny, but I don’t see it. Kind of how that Quizno’s singing monkeys commercial a couple of years ago freaked me out.

5. This list. Freaks me out.

So, what things freak you out?