Research Opportunities

I wanted to post about these two studies sooner, but now is better than never, I suppose! If you are breast feeding and need to have a biopsy, this study would like to hear from you: breastfeeding and expecting a biopsy?

I signed up for the Army of Women on this site: The only criteria: being a woman! I know so many women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or know someone with breast cancer. I bet you do, too. Dr. Susan Love, who wrote the Breast Book I blogged about in Choosing a Mastectomy, is one of the driving forces behind this research. Don’t be shy! Sign up now!

A Sample of Emails

To my cousin on my mom’s side:

Did your mom tell you about my mom? Her breast cancer metastasized to her bones, and she has a tumor on her skull that is getting too big. She starts her radiation therapy today. Her radiation oncologist is going to radiate her whole skull and brain to make sure they don’t miss any cancer cells. With all this going on, we haven’t had a chance to talk about Christmas! I’ll keep you updated!

To our interim pastor:

My mom has asked to be added to the prayer list. Her breast cancer metastized to her bones about four years ago, and now she has a new tumor on her skull that is pressing on the lining of her brain. She started radiation therapy today, and her whole skull and brain will be radiated along with a few spots on her spine. She will have 15 treatments, every day for the next 3 weeks. She is feeling very positive about this treatment, and we are praying it kills the cancer!

To the cousins on my dad’s side:

Hi, all,

Mom starts her radiation today. The radiation oncologist decided to radiate her whole skull and brain, to keep the cancer from metastasizing to her brain. She will also receive radiation on some cancer spots on her spine. One of the side effects is going to be hair loss. She’ll also be very tired, and maybe nauseous. She may have cognitive trouble during the radiation as well. These side effects are temporary, so pray for a complete recovery! I know she’s worried about her voice, as well. The radiation may affect her throat, but maybe not. She wants to be aggressive with this cancer, though, so she’s feeling positive about the radiation.