Two Daughters

At the third wedding we attended this year, there was a fun table with three typewriters. Real, honest to goodness typewriters! Let me tell you, I had to hold myself back. I wanted to sit down and type on a real typewriter so badly! But I behaved myself.

poems while you wed
poems while you wed

These typewriters were soon attended by three poets. They were part of a group called “Poems while you wait.” You give them a topic, they will write a poem. Since Ed and I had left our two daughters at home, they were my topic of choice.

Here is the poem we received:

Like Two Tulips

Two daughters,
and sometimes both

are nice at once.
Sometimes the house

smells of hair spray,
sometimes like dirty socks.

I’m afraid of what’s in
your future, even more

afraid of what’s in
your trash cans.

caroline macon
poems while you wed

Now, what do you think of that?


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