Two Parties

Last weekend was Lily’s 12th birthday. Isn’t she growing up fast?

On Saturday, her actual birthday day, she wanted to spend the day with her friends. So she planned a small party to have with just a few of her friends.

Our first stop was the roller rink. We skated for a couple of hours, and of course had a snack break. One of her friends left after roller skating because she had violin lessons.

The second stop was to a restaurant. Lily wanted to go to the Outback Steakhouse, and so we indulged her. Fortunately, everyone ordered something reasonably priced on the menu!

The third stop was our house, for dessert. Lily loves pie, so we had pumpkin pie, cherry pie and apple pie instead of birthday cake.

On Sunday, we had her family birthday party, which was also very small. Lily decided she wanted us to order Lou Malnati’s pizza for dinner, along with their signature salad. I was fine with her choice; no cooking meant less work for me! We had plenty of pie left over from the day before, so we had more pie for dessert!

birthday pie

Happy Birthday, Lily!


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