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Put words in front of me, and I’ll read them. I’m a serial cereal box reader! I’ll read recipes that I have no intention of making. There’s a section of the highway that skirts around Chicago that is very dangerous for me to drive on because there are too many billboards. I have to consciously keep my eyes on the road and not read all the advertising!

On one of those cold, snowy days this past winter, I struck up a conversation with another woman at the gym. We talked like strangers do about the weather; about how I couldn’t wait to stop wearing my snow boots to the gym or something like that. As we talked, she revealed that she worked from home as a writer. Obviously, this peaked my interest and I asked her more questions! I found out that she knows my other writer friend, A.J. Cattapan, and that she wrote a book that A.J. mentioned on Facebook!

Of course, now I just had to have her book, so I ordered it from Amazon and finally had time to read it last week. It is the perfect summer read! Romance, women’s rights, faith and friendship, all wrapped up in one book! You can read more about Pamela S. Meyers on her website, pamelasmeyers.com, and check out more of her writing. Don’t you just love coincidences and small world meetings like this?

Love Finds You In Lake Geneva

What’s on your summer reading list? Share good books you have read, books you want to read, your favorite blogs, and magazines you love to page through. Are romances your guilty pleasure? Would you love to sit down with a great sci-fi read? Share your reading loves, and get the rest of us excited about reading!

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Next week: Routines

Now that school is out for the summer, I need new routines for my daughters and myself! What are we going to do with ourselves ALL DAY LONG? Do you have a morning routine? A summer routine? A retirement routine? Or are you spontaneous and throw routines out the window? Share your routine or lack of routine with us!

Spin Cycle at Second Blooming
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7 Replies to “Word Junkie”

  1. Isn’t the world a small place sometimes? And how wonderful that her book was actually one that you liked as well. I have several books on my list that I want to read, but I read them at work. Standing still and waiting at busstops means a minute here and a minute there.

    I will join Spin Cycle soon again. Routines sounds like a good topic next week. 😉
    Mara recently posted…The team meetMy Profile

  2. Very cool story!!
    Also, I used to be so obsessed with reading but my parents didn’t let me do it at the breakfast or dinner table so I read cereal boxes. I thought I had tricked them!
    I still read during breakfast and dinner. Rude, much? It’s ok because I’m a grownup and it’s better than a smartphone, I tell myself.
    Tamara recently posted…From One Professional To Another.My Profile

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