Clash of the Couples Is On Sale!

Clash of the Couples really is a labor of love. How can that be possible when it’s full of stories about couples arguing? Let me tell you a secret: I’ve only read a few of the stories in this book! However, the ones I have read are told with humor and love! Every couple bickers from time to time…including me and Ed. This book sums up the way a partnership really works. The best way to get over an argument is to laugh about it!

Today you can download your very own copy of Clash of the Couples for just 99¢! Let me tell you, after finding snow on the ground when I woke up and then finding out the heat didn’t work in my classroom, having Clash of the Couple end up on the bestseller list at Amazon would really make my day better!

Here’s a list of my hilarious co-contributors (they really are much funnier than I am):

Clash of the Couples contributors

Of course, if you decided to buy the paperback instead, I wouldn’t mind!

Clash of the Couples on Sale





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