Once, I Loved a Dog {Spin Cycle}

Once, I had a dog.

Wait…that wasn’t me.

That was my old boyfriend. He had a dog, a dog named Josie.

Josie was a black and white medium sized dog. She couldn’t live with Boyfriend, because his apartment didn’t allow pets. She lived behind the shed of a friend’s house. Every day, Boyfriend visited Josie and made sure she had enough food and water. Sometimes he would hide some cash wrapped in foil in the bag of dog food for his friend. The friend didn’t want his wife to know he was borrowing money from Boyfriend.

On the weekends, Boyfriend would take Josie to an open field. There, he would throw a frisbee for her to catch. When I was with Boyfriend, I would tag along. I gave Josie lots of pats, belly rubs and kisses. She was a good dog.

About a year into our relationship, Boyfriend was able to buy a small house. Now Josie could live with him. Sometimes, I waited for Boyfriend at the house when he was working. Then Josie and I would play together. I would throw a tennis ball from the bedroom to the living room and she would chase the ball and bring it back. She sat next to me and kept me company while I watched TV on the old couch as I waited for Boyfriend.

Josie was a great dog.

After Boyfriend and I broke up, I missed him, and I missed Josie. I missed petting her long fur and looking into her dark eyes. I missed playing catch with her. I missed her warm and open companionship. Her faithfulness. Her loyalty.

I wondered if she missed me, too.

I never wondered if Josie loved me. I never wondered if I said the wrong thing to her, or if I did something to make her mad. In Josie’s eyes, I could do no wrong. She was such a sweet dog.

I used to joke that I missed Josie more than I missed Boyfriend, but in the end, that might have been true. Boyfriend and I broke up over 15 years ago and I never saw Josie again. Maybe it was better this way. Even though Josie is probably no longer around, at least I have good memories of her jumping up to catch that frisbee.

She caught it almost every single time.

Second Blooming

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12 Replies to “Once, I Loved a Dog {Spin Cycle}”

  1. Dogs are awesome. Our dog is named Josie. She is a sweet little Shih Tzu that gives the greatest cuddles. She doesn’t do much with a frisbee and rather than playing fetch she likes keep away. Keep away is where we through the ball for her and she keeps it away from us. LOL
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  2. My first college boyfriend had this great dog named Belle. I adored that dog. At first, she was jealous of me, but we came to really love each other. And when we broke up, I missed that dog far more than the boyfriend. About a year after we broke up, I was at a party and suddenly, Belle was on top of me, licking me on the face. The ex-boyfriend had come to the party, and that sweet dog recognized me right away. I love that.
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  3. Wow, here I am not coming to your blog for a long time and then you have a dog/cat person prompt? I can’t write one now of course, since I am about to take a shower and will be away for the weekend! However, I am most certainly a cat person. Dogs are nice and all and I am certainly not afraid of them (anymore), but I prefer cats. And I miss stroking my cats. Whenever I am looking at the books I have of each of my deceased cats, I can feel the fur beneath my hand. Okay, this will turn into a post next week and then I will sneakily put it on next week’s prompt. Plus of course writing for next week’s prompt as well. Promise!

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