Smarty Pants

My sister is a professor of music, so my post about Sail by Awolnation using the progression of notes known as Folia was right up her alley! She told me that she had just taught a similar lesson to her students about Hotel California. She wanted to know, how did I figure it out?

It was easy, really. All I did was Google “Sail sounds like the Last of the Mohicans” and then I found this video:

…which at first I thought was totally cool, and then it became a little too much visually and auditorally. (I just made that word up, by the way.)

In the comment section, everyone wanted to be smarter than the last person. I just followed the comments from Sail all the way to Vivaldi. And of course, arguments proceeded about who wrote Folia first. There seems to be no right answer, since it is such an old tune that we don’t even know when it first started to be played.

So there, smarty pants!


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