Giving Meals

Yesterday for NaBloPoMo I just posted a picture of myself as a cartoon. I sure hope that counts even though I didn’t write a word! (Well, I did write two words for the title.) Tonight, still no ideas on what to write! So I’m going to leave you a link with my latest article for Queen Latifah’s website. Ignore the typos, please. (I noticed them after I sent it!)

More Than Comfort Food; Or, the Worst Thanksgiving Ever

This story is all about giving meals to someone; I included the stories of five wonderful women who told me about a difficult time in their lives.

Has anyone ever brought you a meal? Or have you brought a meal to someone? I’d love to read your stories, so leave them in the comments below!


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4 Replies to “Giving Meals”

  1. I loved your cartoon!
    We live in the woods and we know our closest neighbors, but we don’t at all know our second closest neighbors other than an occasional mailbox when I drive to the mailbox. (yes, the mailbox is that far) Over the weekend, one of the neighbors we don’t know died. He was 92. I was asking my husband if we should make a meal for his wife and we didn’t really know. I think we should.
    When I had my second baby, my friends made a meal train and signed up for it. Everyone but the newborn wound up wickedly sick and we really, really needed those meals in the weeks after he came home. I sometimes organize and often participate in meal trains.
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  2. Loved yesterday’s cartoony version of you! And you are not cheating. It just says post a post and you did just that!!
    I don’t think anybody ever brought me anything to eat, not a whole meal anyway. Hold on. Yes, they did: my mother used to bring me thick Dutch pea soup. Mind you, I knew she would be bringing it, because she would ask me in advance whether I felt like it! But it was nice nonetheless!
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