Giving Meals

Yesterday for NaBloPoMo I just posted a picture of myself as a cartoon. I sure hope that counts even though I didn’t write a word! (Well, I did write two words for the title.) Tonight, still no ideas on what to write! So I’m going to leave you a link with my latest article for Queen Latifah’s website. Ignore the typos, please. (I noticed them after I sent it!)

More Than Comfort Food; Or, the Worst Thanksgiving Ever

This story is all about giving meals to someone; I included the stories of five wonderful women who told me about a difficult time in their lives.

Has anyone ever brought you a meal? Or have you brought a meal to someone? I’d love to read your stories, so leave them in the comments below!


Your Spin Cycle Prompt for 10/14

This week on the Spin Cycle: What does Autumn look like where you live?

I live in the Midwest, so you can imagine what Autumn looks like here. One of my sisters, however, lives on the central coast of California. My husband’s cousin lives in hot and humid Florida. My cousin splits her time between Arizona and Alaska. How cool is that? Autumn looks so different to all of us, and we all live in the same country. However, pictures of Autumn always show the leaves changing and falling off of trees, pumpkins, scarecrows and haystacks. So show us with your words and photos–what does Autumn look like to you?

Write a Spin about your Autumn any time this week, and link it up here or at Second Blooming! Your link will show up on both our blogs!

Some other things to check out:

On Friday, an article I wrote for Queen Latifah was published! See it here!

The anthology I contributed to is now available! Please check out our website: The Mother of All Meltdowns.

And just for fun: here’s a link to The Frog that launched with a space rocket! Thanks to my cousin Jim for telling me about this photo.

Have a wonderful week!