32 Questions

My vlog this week logs in at 9 minutes, 10 seconds. Seriously, I don’t even want to watch nine minutes of video! Today, I’m answering 32 random questions from Mama Kat’s Vlogging Prompts. I did the math, and I spend an average of 17 seconds on each question. That’s not too bad, is it? If you have a little spare time, grab a cup of tea and a cookie or two and watch my vlog.


Watch on YouTube.






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9 Replies to “32 Questions”

  1. You are the CUTEST! I hope you are able to keep yourself from freaking out at the Grand Canyon! I cracked up at the singing in the car part! Awesome!-Ashley

  2. I hope you don't freak out at the Grand Canyon. I'm afraid of heights too but did okay both times we visited there. I refused to go out on the glass walkway though!
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  3. I never became a girl scout! I was a brownie, though. I was a brownie dropout who never became a girl scout. My daughter is listening to this with me and she loved the part about princesses and Star Wars. Her head totally perked up! And I've totally listened to Petra! And Target is my favorite…Walmart is good in a pinch. We don't have a Kmart either. Hey, this is fun! Oh and I'm not a strong swimmer either. I can stay alive, though…
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  4. Bees or a bear? Neither thank you very much. But just in case: a bear would probably kill you a bit quicker.
    The only place I will not sing in is the shower for some reason. Even if I do have music on…

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