A Fall Wedding

Ten years ago on a beautiful Fall day, there was a wedding.

The colors on the trees were beautiful; the temperature was just right, and the sun was shining.

I walked down the aisle holding onto my father’s arm. The groom only had eyes for me, and I for him. We were not nervous at all.

We knew we were meant for each other, and soon, in God’s eyes, we would be married.

That day wasn’t perfect. I was halfway to the hair dresser’s when I had to turn around to get my forgotten headpiece. My veil fell out of the loops and was crooked on my way down the aisle. My mom came up to fix it as I was standing at the altar. There was about half an hour of rain that afternoon, and it poured.

But that day stands out in my memory as a perfect day. It was the beginning of a wonderful marriage.

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At The SITS Girls today, we are sharing our favorite fall memories. This is mine. What is one of your favorite fall memories?

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