Beauty in Brown

“I wike bown.” the little three year old girl said. She was circling her paintbrush loaded with brown paint around and around on her smooth paper.

“I like brown, too,” I replied, a little surprised. But the paint was a nice brown color, smooth and rich.

As I was taking a walk yesterday, I noticed that we are in the season of brown. Winter has not brought us much snow this year. The naked trees reveal brown treasures: a papery wasp’s nest hanging from a low branch and leafy round squirrels’ nests up high in the tree tops.

I dare say that if you ask people what their favorite color is, they won’t say brown. Yet brown is all around us. Mix those wonderful primary colors together; yellow, blue and red, and what do you get? Brown.

Do we take brown for granted?


The hydrangea blooms have faded away to a gentle, fragile brown.

What is your favorite color?


13 Replies to “Beauty in Brown”

  1. I've always liked pinks and purples, but really what I"m referring to are the gorgeous sunsets I often see here. The sky lit up with those shades of purple and pink just leave me with the biggest smile.

  2. You are so right! Brown is beautiful. Blue is my favorite (as for 60% of the world), but pretty much any color combination with brown in it is beautiful!

  3. Wow, you are totally right, I don't usually even think of brown as a favorite color option. But it is one of my favorite colors, I wear it all the time. Red has always been my favorite color, all my life. It was my Daddy's favorite color too.

  4. Brown has always been one of my favourite colours. In fact for Christmas my mother in law bought me a really nice towel and even mentioned how she chose brown for me πŸ™‚ Lime green is probably my favourite colour, with turquoise a very close second. But what I really love is more than one colour. I struggled for years to be able to say I have a favourite colour, because I always feel that complimentary colours just take it all to a whole new level! And brown is probably my favourite complimentary colour. You should see my wardrobe!

  5. You're right about brown. I do know one person who really likes brown…he jokes that he only eats foods that are a shade of brown and that is pretty true! My favorite colors have always been purple and dark teal.

  6. It depends on the shade of brown for me…light brown, brown in natural…I'm OK. Wearing brown? Not so much. πŸ™‚ Lovely photo.

    I'm a fan of lighter colors, but rarely wear them.. There's a reason, I hate standing out. But I like the lighter (peach, light blue, lavender) even if I won't wear them!

  7. I love all colours, just not at the same time. Unless it's in Ireland of course where they paint their houses every colour of the rainbow, even if it clashes with the house next door!

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