Setting the Sandwich Bar Too High

It all started with a piece of toast.

Gingerbread Man Toast

Let’s back up a little. Actually, it all started with the book Chester’s Way, by Kevin Henkes.

Chester's WayChester’s Way by Kevin Henkes

Chester is a mouse, who has a certain way of doing things. When Lilly comes along, she teaches Chester and his best friend Wilson new ways of doing things. Among the fun Lilly brings, she shows Chester and Wilson how to use cookie cutters to make sandwiches more interesting.

After reading Chester’s Way to my Lily and Emmy, I started using a cookie cutter to make their toast more interesting. When Lily started school, I had to make a lunch for her, so I started to use heart and star cookie cutters to make her sandwiches. Emmy got the same sandwiches at home, and she requested regularly “the best peanut butter sandwich” for lunch.

Then one day, Emmy asked for a kitty sandwich.  I made this cheese sandwich for her:

Kitty Sandwich

Emmy loves black olives, and she likes carrots, so I knew she would eat the kitty’s whiskers. Emmy even tried the little sweet red pepper nose! (She didn’t like it, but at least she tried it!)

 As a birthday treat, I made this sandwich for Lily to take to lunch the day before her birthday. Her school mascot is an owl, and after seeing Little Page Turners’ owl sandwich, I had to try my own version! (I accidentally cut off his right ear, but a little peanut butter helped it stay put.)

Owl Sandwich
But now, what kind of sandwich can I make Lily for lunch tomorrow?
I think she’s just going to have to be happy with plain old salami. 
(Lily loves salami.)

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12 Replies to “Setting the Sandwich Bar Too High”

  1. I love how creative you get. My youngest loves the cookie cutter sandwiches too but I stick to the basic shapes. A carrot coming in to contact with his cheese sandwich might just make the whole thing inedible to my picky eater.

  2. We have that book–it's so cute! Those turned out great! I used to do fun stuff like this. I need to start again.

  3. Oh my, those are AMAZING! Oh! Oh! Oh! Cute!I totally want to do this for my daughters!Can you tell? I'm inspired! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Reading this was so much fun. You do have to be careful though not to set the bar too high for yourself! Your girls are very lucky to have such a caring and creative mom. I use to try to make those jello jigglers for my kids and the pancake shapes too. It's fun to see what a person can come up with! And any time you can tie in with a book – well that's even better. Thanks for sharing!

  5. My how times have changed. My kids were happy to either have their sandwiches cut into 4 triangles or to have the crust cut off. How incredibly creative you are ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oh I love shaped food. So far I haven't branched out past simple things like hearts and pumpkins and happy faces, but I will have too!!

  7. I have never tried sandwich cutters for making sandwiches for my kids. This is a great idea for me to work on. I love the cat sandwich and I can't wait to try it on my sandwich for my kids.

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