In Her OWN Time {Simple Moment, Bigger Picture}

Last Sunday, Ed and I watched IN AMAZEMENT as Emmy stooped down to pet the black and white cat lying in the grass. Not only did she pet Kit-Kat, her aunt and uncle’s cat, but she knelt down next to the cat and positively stroked her fur again and again.

This from a child who has been scared of living animals since birth. When she was a baby, Emmy would cry if Kit-Kat looked at us through the picture window. That thin layer of glass wasn’t enough to protect her from the black cat.

If we were taking a walk and she was in her stroller, we would have to cross the street if a dog approached. When Emmy was walking, I would have to pick her up as soon as she saw a dog. Dog owners would try to sway her over, telling her their dog was really friendly and wouldn’t hurt anyone. I knew better than to say anything; Emmy would not be persuaded.

Emmy needed to decide in her own time that cats and dogs aren’t scary. Nothing we told her was going to push her into liking them. They were bigger than her (dogs) and showed her sharp teeth (Kit-Kat). In her mind, there was no reason NOT to be afraid of them.

She wasn’t about to cave into peer pressure. She wasn’t going to stroke a dog’s fur just because other people told her to. She knew her own mind, and knew she wasn’t ready to pet cats or dogs yet. Slowly, carefully, she made the decision for herself, and when she was ready, she went up to Kit-Kat and petted her. When we see a dog coming, she doesn’t beg me to pick her up anymore. She is still very cautious with dogs. I view this as a good thing. We have also told our children not to pet a dog without asking the owner.

Yes, Emmy is stubborn, but I view this stubbornness as a good trait. I’m hoping as she grows, she’ll make up her own mind and be smart about her decisions instead of bowing into peer pressure. I won’t always be around to pick her up when the dogs come around.

I think she’ll do just fine!

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6 Replies to “In Her OWN Time {Simple Moment, Bigger Picture}”

  1. When I was a little girl my next-door neighbor (who also happened to be my best friend) had an orange cat named Cuddles and he *terrified* me. I can remember making up excuses to go home just because the cat came into the room. Seriously, scary. So…I'm glad you're not pressuring your daughter to give up her dog/cat fear right away. You're absolutely right, she'll come to terms with it in her own time and in the meantime she's learning that there are people in her life who respect her choices and her feelings. And THAT'S a powerful lesson.

  2. Oh, and the world is full of dogs! You are wise to nurture her God given strength of independent thinking. There are times when it will be easier if she will just "go along", but you already know why easier doesn't equate to better. Nice post.

  3. Yes, that stubborn side can absolutely come in handy later in life. I have a teen and a soon to be teen and it is scarier than anything I've ever known. Not sure what it will be like with my son. haha.

  4. That's good that you let her do what she's comfortable with. I never understand when people force their kids to pet animals, talk to strangers, or kiss relatives when they don't want to. Of course, I do force my daughter to visit Santa just so I can get a picture of her screaming on his lap. Then again, I'm a little evil šŸ˜‰

  5. What a perfect way to look at that stubbornness – that one day hopefully it will keep her from bowing to peer pressure. My daughter sounds so similar to yours – always cautious and wary of new things – while my son jumps right in with a smile on his face. I pray they will both learn to make wise choices as they grow.

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