I {heart} my oncologist! (But not in a creepy way)

I don’t want my husband to meet my oncologist.

I started off the weekend by hearing these wonderful words on Friday, “Your labs look fine.” And then my oncologist and I started talking about everything BUT cancer as he continued his examination. We talked about my teaching and our kids and our spouses. I’ve never met his family, but in years past I’ve had to bring my girls with me to appointment. (They were always amazing well-behaved!)

I left my appointment feeling exuberant. Even after all these years, I still go to doctors’ appointments fearing bad news. It is a great relief to hear nothing but good things these days.

Saturday night, Ed and I had a rare night out on the town. After dinner, we strolled hand in hand down the street. I was telling him (again) how happy I was with my appointment. Ed and I started dating four years after my breast cancer diagnosis, when appointments had become routine. And I realized…I don’t want my husband to meet my oncologist.

These annual appointments are routine; boring, almost. I have a feeling my oncologist likes it that way, and I do, too. Because if there is something serious that we need to talk about, chances are I will want Ed by my side. Chances are, it will be bad news.

And so for now, I’m keeping my oncologist to myself.

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5 Replies to “I {heart} my oncologist! (But not in a creepy way)”

  1. Yay for boring oncology appointments! I just had mine, but I wasn't as cheery as you. I was a bit more scared. Lesson learned. I'm following your lead in six months when I go for the next one!

  2. I think the best meetings with any oncologist or doctor are the boring ones. Unless you're related to a doctor of course (two in my family) and boredom isn't so good!

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