Rainy Day Kitty

Emmy rolled around on the floor, both crying and saying at the same time, “I’M BORED!” Just like every other mother, I can’t stand it when my kids say they’re bored. She was whining that she wanted to go to the children’s museum where we are members, but I wanted to get some work done around the house. You know, laundry, vacuuming, etc. Fun stuff.

The main reason Emmy wanted to go to the museum is because they have a do-it-yourself face painting station. That’s the first stop in the museum. Well, I wasn’t going to be distracted from my housework just because Emmy wanted to paint her face. So I asked her if she wanted to be a kitty. She ALWAYS wants to be a kitty. I brought out my liquid eye liner and gave her whiskers and a kitty nose. Then I decided to go one step further. I put black socks on her hands for paws. Well, a kitty always needs a tail, so I put her hair in a pony tail. Worked for her. Then I dug a headband out of her drawer, and made kitty ears for her to wear. I had been distracted from my housework after all, but at least a little laundry was folded and the living room floor was kinda picked up.

And I had a happy kitty.

Emmy the Kitty

Well, things didn’t stop there. Kitty wanted a saucer of milk for her snack. I’m rolling my eyes at myself for giving in at this point. But as Emmy pointed out, it was similar to drinking milk out of her cereal bowl in the morning. I couldn’t argue with that.

Yes, there really is milk is that bowl. Yes, she did try to drink it with her tongue.

Silly, rainy day kitty!

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