Summer Fun: Then and Now

Part of the joy of being a mom is doing the fun summer things with my own kids that I remember doing as a child. When I grew up in Central Illinois, wading and canoeing in the creek was so much fun! My kids experienced wading in a creek during our vacation in Cook Forest, PA. The girls tried to catch tadpoles (key word: tried) and watched water bugs skate along the surface of the water.

Emmy wading in the “crick” with Daddy.

As a kid, we went on vacation every summer with my Dad’s family on one of the Great Lakes. We rented some cabins for years on the shore of Lake Huron, and then we switched to a huge house on Lake Michigan. That vacation is still going strong every year. I love seeing my kids swim with my cousins’ kids.

Lily (middle) swims in Lake Michigan with two of my cousin’s kids.
Emmy’s feet in the sand

Rock climbing

Then there is something my parents never would have let us do during the summer–go to a carnival. Mom didn’t trust the rides, and Dad didn’t know why anyone would ride them in the first place!

Emmy flying high

Lily concentrating on turning that teacup
What fun things are you doing this summer?

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13 Replies to “Summer Fun: Then and Now”

  1. I love the name of your blog – and good job not taking the easy way out like I did, and just posting pictures with practically no words whatsoever. Very cute pics of very cute kids!

  2. This summer, we've tried to go outside the box. As an example, we did Falconry for the first time when we were on vacation in Vermont, and it was REALLY fun!

  3. Your summer traditions are something I wish our family had growing up. There was no annual family get together. Now, since we live 2 hours away from Sprite's closest cousin, it's more of an involved circus just to see one family member. But always worth it. 🙂

  4. Great shots! Looks like a fun summer. I have to admit, I don't think I have ever been on a carnival ride, but it looks like fun!

  5. Love this post! It made me remember my family summer vacation traditions! I don't have children of my own but I love to watch as my siblings create new, and in some cases better, family vacation traditions with their kids!

  6. You are creating such great memories for your daughters! The fun things I do this summer: work mostly. There's a big festival coming up this weekend and I will drive load after load of festival goers with their tents and backpacks to the festival camp site! It will be great!

  7. It's funny because as a child I loved those carnivals and my parents took us every year, but as an adult, I can't stand them!!!!

  8. Love the pictures and I am happy they got to ride the carnival rides. I grew up going to Michigan, my grandparents had a summer home. My children grew up going to Huntley Lake in Illinois, my dad had a summer home. I love they have the memories. I pray that my grandchildren (someday) will have memories of Mammoth Lakes, CA.

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