A Preview — What’s to Come?

There are so many posts coming up for you to read this NaBloPoMo November, including these riveting topics:

  • Last year, Lily requested a butterfly birthday cake. What could her birthday cake request be for this year? I’m going to keep you in suspense….
  • Yesterday, I was almost hit by a car…the full story, coming to your computer screen soon!
  • Do you know what to expect when you have a mammogram? I’ll tell you!
  • More scrapbook pages! Let’s see, can I spell “mosaic?” 
  • Can Ginny keep up? Blogging every day for a month…she almost missed her 11/9/10 post! 🙂

Until tomorrow…

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5 Replies to “A Preview — What’s to Come?”

  1. And just when I thought you were going to miss today's post!I almost got hit by a car recently, too! It happened coming out of my polling place last week. I guess the guy didn't like the way I voted. :)Current NaNoWriMo Count: 17,951 words (one day ahead of schedule–yippee!)

  2. I was going to try the 30 posts/30 days blah, blah, blah, but I dropped it in the beginning and then this weekend. Eh, I'm just going to try to do it every day and if not…so what? I'm looking forward to these stories!

  3. LOL! You go girl! I was almost hit by a car on Sunday, and I would love to know what a mammogram is like. Staying tuned…..

  4. Haaa, I forgot it was November, time for the daily posting. These days I'm lucky to post once a month. Can't wait to hear about your near death car smushing experience.

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