Is there such a thing as a peaceful shower?

This morning, we walked Lily to school, came home, and I settled Emmy on my bed with a stack of picture books so that I could take a shower.

I stepped in, and as the warm water washed over me, the muscles in my back relaxed and I heaved a sigh of relief. After rushing around this morning — throwing a load of laundry in the washer, making the girls breakfast, dressing the girls, throwing the laundry in the drier, packing Lily’s lunch and rushing her off to school — I needed a few minutes to myself.

I needed to shave under my arms, as I have my annual mammogram this afternoon. I thought I might as well shave my legs as well. Just as I had finished shaving under my right arm, I thought I heard screaming over the noise of the shower spray. What could be going on?

I turned off the shower, the bar of soap still in my hand. “Emmy, are you all right?” I called.

“I’M FIRSTY!!” Emmy shouted. {Insert fake crying here.}

“I’m almost done!” I replied, and turned the shower back on, quickly washed my face and my hair.

By the time I stepped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around my dripping body, and headed out of the bathroom to see what Emmy was up to, she had dragged a chair over to the refrigerator and opened the door. I got out the gallon of milk, and poured her a glass.

Thank goodness for jeans-wearing weather!

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7 Replies to “Is there such a thing as a peaceful shower?”

  1. I remember putting my charge in his pen so I would be able to take a bath. He would scream the whole time, since he wasn't used to being in his pen for long. (I was an au-pair for a few months and looked after a little boy)

  2. yep. there is usually someone banging on the shower door while i'm in there. even after I asked children for their permission to take the shower and met all their needs prior to shower.

  3. Those are usually the times when I get bleeding knicks up and down my legs while I try to speed-shave…NOT a fun start to the day hey? 😉

  4. Best of luck for your mammogram!! I'm saying a prayer for you:)I am right with you on the shower issue. My only "peaceful" showers are when it's still dark out and everyone is still sleeping…

  5. That sounds about right. When Jamie is out of town, I can't shower since my kids can't be left alone for one second or they will attack each other or destroy the house. Fun times.

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