Hello, Mr. Inertia

Ed has this thing for Caesar dressing. He loves creamy Caesar dressing, but will only use in on his salad occasionally since he watches his cholesterol. Since Daddy loves Caesar dressing, so do the girls. Anything Daddy loves, they love! And every time Ed pours the Caesar dressing on their salad, he says, “CAESAR! I know a guy named Cesar!”

He does the same when I make stew. Doesn’t matter what kind — chicken or beef — Ed says, “STEW! I know a guy named Stew!”

Yesterday, Emmy and I caught the last few minutes of Sid the Science Kid. On the show, Sid was learning all about inertia. Emmy tried the word out. “Inertia,” she said slowly, “Inertia.”

Then she said, “I know a guy named Inertia!”

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9 Replies to “Hello, Mr. Inertia”

  1. This is great!!! Daddy's add such joy!Our second born came by after a business meeting the other day and started laughing…"well I sounded just like Dad!"Enjoy!!! Too funny!!!

  2. Cute story! How funny….we watched the SAME show yesterday! My daughter had a day surgery appt and we watched "Sid the Science Kid" while waiting for the anesthesiologist. (I asked her to describe inertia to daddy today and she put up her hand and said "Okay…pretend my hand is a skateboard…") I so LOVE PBS πŸ™‚

  3. That's just priceless! I love when they try to emulate special people, not for attention, but just to grow and be like these wonderful people.

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