He Still Surprises Me

Here on Lemon Drop Pie, I paint a pretty good picture of my husband, Ed. It’s such a nice picture that my bloggy friend, Mara has asked me if he has a clone or a brother! Sadly, Mara, he does not, or I would send the clone/brother over to the Netherlands to meet you!

I’ll admit, Ed is a pretty good catch. But I don’t write about all the times we disagree. I don’t write about how he irritating he can be. For example, there was the time he requested that I serve something green with dinner that night. Why in the world would he imply that I wasn’t making healthy dinners? Seriously…I had just served a leafy salad with dinner the week before!

But then Ed does something that totally melts my heart.

A couple of weeks ago, I took Emmy with me to get my haircut. It was a slow, Friday afternoon at the salon. Everyone thought Emmy was so cute. (I thought so, too.)

The manicurist didn’t have a client, and she asked me if she could paint Emmy’s nails. Emmy picked “Hot Magenta,” and the manicurist put a little, silver heart on each of Emmy’s ring fingers.

Well, when Lily saw Emmy’s fingers after school, you can imagine her reaction. She burst into tears! Daddy happened to be there, and he decided to make things better for Lily. He told me he was going to take the girls to do something special.

They weren’t gone long. Lily came into the kitchen, grinning ear to ear, holding a bottle of nail polish. That’s right…Ed took her to pick out a new bottle of nail polish, in what ever color she wanted.

All of us (except Ed) had orange fingernails for Halloween!

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5 Replies to “He Still Surprises Me”

  1. That's very sweet- kudos to your husband for embracing a house full of girls! (My dad was the same way with my sisters and I growing up;)I am wearing the same nail polish right now.

  2. That is just great!!! My husband knows how to heal hurts also…he is the mercy one in our house.Enjoy him…and we all disagree at times…can you imagine how much you can in 30 years of marriage?

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